Quick card

Sometimes there is only few minutes to make a card... for me this happens quite often :)
Luckily I had a ready coloured image and I cutted a frame for it. Attached that onto the ready card base, added
couple of small paper flowers and a piece of a velvet ribbon for a bow.

Joskus on tarvetta pikaiselle kortille, minulle käy näin aika useinkin. Silloin ei ole aikaa muuhun kuin raapaista jotain kasaan. Onneksi oli valmiiksi väritetty kuva jolle leikkasin paperista kehyksen. Liimasin sen valmiiseen korttipohjaan ja lisäsin pari pientä paperikukkaa ja palasen samettinauhaa rusetiksi.

Postat av: Britt-Marie Carlsson

A beautiful card - I love your coloring!!

Postat av: pops

Stunning creation love the colours hugs pops x x x

2011-01-18 @ 18:10:30
URL: http://poppetsathome.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Tina

Hi Michelle, i thought i would pass on the details of this lady who is selling images of HS. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/mckie7282/m.html

Are you aware of the new society that has been set up to stamp out image theft, the link to their blog is here.. http://stampoutstamptheft.blogspot.com/ anyway i just thought i would let you know, they are stealing my selling without your permission. crafty Hugs Tina

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